I love the word analogue. It insinuates that something is tangible and real. Nothing pleases me more to see a creation from the elusive digital domain turn into a tangible item that belongs in this analogue world.

Especially today, when I was summoned over to the guys at Skink Ink to see mini proofs for the Brutal print collection. I was so pleased to see that the colors were exactly how I envisioned them and edges were gorgeously crisp and sharp. It was wonderfully splendid to hold the artwork in my hands after spending months looking at  the renderings on my computer screen.

Can't wait to collect them tomorrow so I can match them with the certificates and start sending them out to meet their new parents around the world.  The ones left behind will have to wait to meet their new masters and sit happily on a shelf right next to their cousins - my collection of analogue records!