Cobalt 27 has its roots in European Constructivism and pre-war Modernism, where elongated forms took precedence over rounder counter-parts. Keeping to the original point of reference, C27 characters have been slightly condensed - ascenders & descenders have been lengthened. Squared forms have been rounded for a more modern feel, while low Crossbars maintain a distinctive 1920s edge. 

A companion version has been created with shorter A&Ds for use when a tight leading is called for in a design.

Cobalt 27 comes in three weights and one text alternate. Bold has been created for use with headlines and larger applications. Medium can be used for both titles and a heavier body text. Regular can be utilized across all typographic applications. Text is similar to Regular, but the Ascenders and Descenders have been shortened, allowing body copy or titles to have smaller leadings.